"Harmony Square"

by Simeon Soul Charger USA

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released September 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Simeon Soul Charger USA Akron, Ohio

Simeon Soul Charger is an American Psychedelic Rock band. Their music has been described as a cinematic pastiche of folk, blues, progressive, 70's psychedelic and stoner rock.

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Track Name: Overture
Track Name: Babylon Grove
As I strolled through the forest of concrete and dust,
A great tree of confusion I met
And although I’d arrived I did not recall when,
Or the place before this I had left

And it pointed its limb to a wind-beaten road,
But its name had been weathered away,
And I knew that my journey had fallen asleep
As I stared down its passage that day.

Go down the road I provide said the tree to me,
I can but point you its way.
There is a city that meets at its end
And it’s calling your number today
Go down the road I provide, question nothing
And your end reward will be great.
Walk with great haste on your side,
Waste no minute
This delicate hour grows late.

So I began walking so swiftly in stride
With a question mark hung in my mind
And the forest grew thinner with each passing step
‘Til at last I had finally arrived.

The road met its end at a cobblestone gate,
In its center a single door swung
And a single step offered its entrance to me,
And above it a single sign hung.

Welcome to Babylon Grove, population unknown
Let our ghosts be your guide.
Worries could fall on deaf ears, never here
Please come in, So I hurried inside.

There’s a circular city called Babylon Grove
For it ends in the place it begins.
And although unfamiliar it’s certain to me
It is everywhere I’ve ever been
There’s a man on the corner
With a sandwich board sign
That proclaims that the end is quite near
And he points to a sign on the lamp post that reads
That a dark fair is soon coming here.

Pull back the curtain for me, what theatrical
Madness and Pain amongst men
Roll back the years that have gone
Blessed beauty and chaos again and again

I in my darkness so faithfully vexed
What will the will of men conjure up next?
Track Name: All's Fair In Harmony Square
All’s fair in Harmony Square
See how the people here know
All’s fair, no need for your cares
Say the people of Babylon Grove

Stop by the courtyard but
Heavens don’t step on the lawn
Wish by the fountain but
Know there is nothing to want

All’s fair in Harmony Square
Smile so he knows that you’re glad
It’s He who we seek to please
Tammuz evolved from a man

Best gray the buildings remain
The 5th day it rains and it washes the paint
All is fair in Harmony Square
Each has a purpose and burden he bares

Doris the florist, Paints flowers for us
Able the shoveler, mixes the Mother
Jane lights the lampposts
Cane makes the clocks stroke

All’s fair in Harmony Square
We speak it for our own good sake
All’s well when you hear the bell
We work, and we pray, and we watch, and we take

Sometimes I secretly cry
The words that I speak do not match me inside
All’s good, be grateful we should
Then at the gate like a mountain he stood

Finch and his bagful of goodies
just walked through the door
Now he brought us some more
Blue ones to make us feel happy,
And pink ones to sleep
Do we ever so deep.

See, Oh the king he provides like no other before
It is He we adore

How we adore him, How we adore him
How we adore him, How we adore him

Under the fountain of Harmony Square
He through the lampposts and pigeons he stares
And reports to the speak what his teller box sees,
So be pure in your thoughts
and your words and your deeds

Look to the factory of colorful smoke
Clouds hanging high like a billowing rainbow
The Mother it meets with the stain on the streets
How the colors they bleed
when the rain pours in sheets

You can go to the clock shop and buy you some time
Stop by Ye Spirits and drink you some rind
And the Mission Bell’s hall, it’s big belly fits all
You can speak to the One
who looks down from the sun on us all

All’s fair in Harmony Square
The sun shines with love on us all
Track Name: Miss Donce
Ms. Donce is calling me, Keep off the grass
I just dyed it
On her knees crawling, Green stains on her dress
Why? I ask

Darting her fading dark eyes
Painstakingly, she picks up her aging bones
Points out to the above sky
Trembling as her bony crooked fingers scold

You can see the smoke stacks blow green, red, orange, billowing
Clouds like hung pillows in rainbow


Why is it colorless again I ask
Tiptoeing through the spotted blades she forewarns me
You are too curious, you will not last
Best to remain oblivious and obedient
This answer haunted me
No one I gasp can hang me by strings
This response from me made Ms. Donce mad
Last long you shall not when authorities
Hear of your plans
They won’t be so forgiving.
Track Name: Spinning Across The Grass
Spinning Across the grass
A cyclones uncertain path
Laughs at its defiance
The unaware all cast
Confounded glares and gasps
Shouting in the distance
Pig-Snouted men in fat suits
Yell get off the grass

Please remove your flat boots from the lawn
Here there is a right way and a wrong
We told you once; we will not tell you twice
For every action ill there is a price

Spinning across the Grass

Grass in the facts, there is grass on the lawn
There are ants in the grass that instinctively crawl
There is grass in the cracks
of the minds who have thoughts
Fast grow the cracks in a man

Grass in the facts, there is grass on the lawn
There are ants in the grass that instinctively crawl
There is grass in the cracks
of the minds who have thoughts
Last there are cracks in a man
who denies that his world is illusion
He’ll burst when he fills like a swollen balloon,
Oh my...
Track Name: Doris
Doris, daughter of Darling
My Doris, Rid me my longing
When your eyes flash me like lightning bolts
I die, Isn’t it obvious
See me the way I see you

Daylight, I dream of daylight
These dark nights, blind me from seeing it
Star bright, grant me my wanting
How I lie frightened and haunted by
Phantoms and Cracks in the Walls
Track Name: Oh What A Beastly Boy
In the valley nigh there is a beastly
Unforgiving child, a tiny monster
Pulls the wings from flies, and then he eats them
With such an appetite, I think we’ve lost him

Once his mother chided so he beat her
With a sated smile and very neatly
Pulled apart her hide and indiscreetly
Chewed on her insides oh what a beastly boy

Then the boy grew wide and uncontested
A serpent man of size and barrel-chest and
Deep sepulchral mind that never crested
Word out to the wise, don’t ever cross him

Then to no surprise, you could have guessed it
He sought a kingly prize, then took and kept it
Took the seat and spied upon the gentry
Effort to up rise was ineffective noise
Tammuz the cold, Tammuz the vain
Tammuz the rainmaker call off your rain
Tammuz the grey, Tammuz the stain
If rain you make then provide us a drain
Tammuz the cold, Tammuz the vain
If me you’re seeking I’ll be
Spinning across the Grass
Track Name: The Piper's Prize
Mother we have a lot of toys
But we are out of love
Have it for you I do and father too
But not enough
The Piper plays a perfect polished pipe
In perfect tune
Pry me the pipe from Piper’s paws
You’d think me perfect too

Follow me, the piper is calling
Follow me, the piper is calling
Follow me, the piper is calling
Follow me, the piper is playing sorrow
The rats are in tune

I set my sights on Piper’s prize
He closed his eyes to sleep
I waited for a time and took the pipe
When thought it deep
And brought for you and father too this prize
So me you’ll keep
But warn I must, the Piper woke as I arose to flee

And then I heard him shout behind me
Your day of reckoning is soon
And mother surely when he finds me
(and find you, I will)
Your deed I’ve done he will assume
Track Name: The Devil's Rhapsody
The people gathered in the courtyard nearby
The people serried up in rows
They will adore him
They will obey him
Before the king they bow in reverent pose

His face is militant and words are furious
He’s lantern-jawed and buttoned up
They will adore him
They will obey him
And now he steps up to the podium

Do you know of the Devil?
As if he spoke it to me.
He stinks of your longing
And he stinks of your dreams
And he seeds your desires
Through the gnash of his teeth
Do you grow on the Devil,
Do you like what he sees

The People cheer and bark like seals on pavement
The women’s lips press to his glove
How they adore him
How they adore him
Intoxicated by his militant love

I sit alone inside these beams of daylight
Deaf to his words I sit alone
They never hear me
They never see me
He beats his fist upon the podium

Every soul knows the devil he continues his speech
And no benevolent shovel can remove his debris
And on some deeper level I would have to agree
How I struggle to stifle his arrival in me

I am the law, I am the way
Heed if you fault or disobey
For Rayoweith I’ll demonstrate
Your severed heads upon my plate
Swallow my might and comely crown
And drink my words to wash it down
Fear not children of my kingdom
Trust I know what’s best for you
Do not despair, be not afraid
Those in the care of doubtless faith
Will be rewarded, food and wage
Inside a warm, comfortable cage
And then said I on humble stage
What thinker thinks, the maker makes
The unaware cleave to the safe
Familiar lives that keep them slaves

From pedestal said he to stave
Arrest the odd miscreant knave
Think you that thine bobbery brave
I’ll have you sliced upon my plate

And now the pig men of the law
Seize opposing thought
The band De Mort Id plays him off
Track Name: The Changing Wind And Reign
Ring the bell, A King is dead
The children wept as Charles bled
They sang as they chopped off his head
A joyful prayer for every flame he fed

And King Tammuz sank through the moon
And resonates Europa’s tune
But worry not, you’ll be there soon with him

He heard the choir of Angels sing
As Charles sipped his final drink
And one day too will be your last
So try to sing the final spell you cast

Luscious is an utter mess
A madman and a masochist
He waves his pills and drinks his
poison apple sugar piss

Luscious points down to his chest
And pulls his heart out in protest
He gives me chills and
claims that we are all avoiding bliss

He storms the courtyard projecting
the changing wind and rain
Yes Luscious is a madman
He’s really quite insane

Luscious thinks to manifest
The sandman and the alchemist
His words spill like a waterfall over a rigid cliff

He storms the courtyard projecting
the changing wind and reign
Yes Luscious is a madman
He’s really quite insane

And Luscious cried
That we were all together dreaming here
His clawed out holes for eyes,
Though blind, could not confuse the seer
But ignored him the people,
But ignored him the people

The old man said that we were
Sleep-walking through paradise
The people cackled in amusement
Yet he still advised
If you don’t wake up soon
You’ll stay asleep until you die
Then I awoke and saw the world through his
Unfettered eyes

Walked in the old odd shoes
Are you listening to the bows above
They rattle rattle
Fist all clenched for battle
How they wasted the ilk on anybody else
Though odd I know I’m One

The old man points at me and says
I recognize your soul
Be you the former king of Babylon
Bestowed this grove
Now I rejoice
For your return to here has been foretold
I hope that you’ll remember
I hope that you’ll remember

And so I did recall a man
Who ruled himself with love
A young Tammuz above me stood
To claim my very blood
And with me took the colors
Left behind the 5th day flood
And knew that I was not a man
That I just simply was
Track Name: The Advent Of Awakening
Rest in Peace
Death’s endless sleep does not my soul apply
And though he’s dead, the old man said
I see him in your eyes
Rest in Peace, Death’s sweet release
Unfolds an endless sky
And Heaven speaks through every breeze
And everything alive
Rest in Peace, Infinity lay…

Every color beautiful and every shade divine

Wake me up when it rains
Gradual insights
Are coming through in waves
It saturates the flies
That can’t drink through their graves
A pale illusion dies

And every color beautiful and every shape divine

You won’t go to heaven
If you don’t keep your nails clean

Hey, Did you make the beg
Did they greet you with a stride
Or tail between their legs
He was once a child
Fused him with a snake
His blood is in the line
Of Rah and Charlemagne
You can escape the iron
Fist with which he reigns
But he’ll confuse your rise

But every struggle beautiful and every fate divine

I’ll stay today as long as I can wake them
They dream in this reality and they’ll stay here
Wait here

Rendered by an honest hope
Be gone today, it clogged the scope
But wash them with the rich man’s soap
It cleans them and reveals the dope
I saw the lie and gone it went
There was no light on us to shed
And though the dark was heaven-sent
All scuffled in the Infinite

Rats don’t know that they are rodents
No one knows the piper
Like the piper knows the piper

And God, bestowed a son
Semirimus, for moon the sun
Tammuz abides, his loaded lung (his serpent tongue)
All full of lie
Follow it sung

Wake me up when he reigns
He who swims in fire
Tangled me in flame
Just because he smiled
Doesn’t make him brave
He knew it was I
But veiled me with a stain
Of well constructed lies
And covered them in paint

A pale illusion dyed
With every color beautiful
And every shade divine
Track Name: King Charles Norman's Castle
The Norman’s are a screen
A surface flat and clean
A projection of a dream
Encased in knobs and plasticine
Janie walks the dog
And mans the coffee pot
She smiles and waves
She paints her face
And tidies up the lawn

But somewhere in her distant stare
A battlefield is just slowly unwinding
Janie dear
Is your attic cold and haunted
Did you live the life you wanted
So late at night I hear your husband’s roar

He drinks every night
His liver looks like a schoolyard fight
A bulldog of a fully loaded man

King Charles Norman’s Castle
Stood cold and tall
No windows and no tassels
Across the crawl,
Here we go again

Please don’t lock the door
I will be home after a while
And King Charles Norman’s eyes are set on me
He stands by the gate
Where I suspect that he will wait
Yes King Charles Norman’s eyes are set on me

Charles is a name
A figure in a frame
He plucks the children from the street
And feeds them to his flame
His hair is slick and mean
And squeezed in Vaseline
His suit is pressed
He juts his chest
His walk is long and lean

A flag hung down from every porch of every house
As they were passing by me
And somewhere in the cellar of the Norman’s house
A life was passing by me

Buzzing gadfly in the kitchen
Bit the apple, scratched the itch and
Made it home for dinner and a drink
On the fringe of their existence
When they realized this was it well
Doesn’t getting older make you think

King Charles sat by the fire in his castle
The crackle and cries were like music and rain
A breath puts a test to a withering candle
The piper plays death in a flickering shame

In blinding smoke, their cries wrote a symphony
I’m home, his eyes spoke, so bright and free

Cut through your ribbon and meet me outside
We’ll crawl through the back door to find him

I close their eyes so they can’t see me
Track Name: See Sharp
Below the fountain in the square
There lives a man who stares
His pigeons spy
They are his eyes
The lampposts join
And so do I
He’ll never know, he’ll never know,
he’ll never know, unless you tell him

But the keen spy pigeons and the men in blue
And the lampposts chatter were all watching you
Now our cold steel hammer pounds your ill-colluding thin
And I don’t know whether it is right or wrong
But here you fly with the pigeons or you don’t belong
Now the band De Mort Id plays its tired song again

And though my beating heart grew loud
I bowed my head to please the crowd
Above the blade, its promise hung
And glistened in the fleeting sun

They’ll never know, they’ll never know, ‘
they’ll never know unless you show them

Soon or now
Soon and here
Soon or now and here

Is the air getting clear
Will the surface divide
Will the oceans retire to the land
Track Name: Rayoweith's Guillotine > A Gift From The Sky
Drop, Drop, Drop Rayoweith’s Guillotine

And the pale sun faded and a cold wind blew
But the crowd breath bated like stuck pigs in glue
Paralyzed by the weight of their impending doom Remained

It was a great ship flashing with exquisite light
As it spun in circles in the kettle sky
And it spat out ashes black and snowy white and grey

And the ship lay crushing down the Mission Bell
And its fire baked fury on its gushing shell
Yet the town folk hushedly within its spell remained

Rain poured sheets upon the ashy ground
And the great ship opened up its giant mouth
And a flood of foreign figures started stepping out to wave
Arrived a gift from the sky
Fear us not
May we present GodSpoon The Great
Track Name: Ashes
Ashes, sifting through the ashes
Sifting through the war
Sifting through them all

I never thought it could be so pretty
Colors (them all) and awe
But glinting embers remained the city
Made me love them even more

Ashes, lyard on their lashes
Crawling to the floor
Ashes, dripped upon the grasses
Coloring their floor
Green and blue and gold

Ashes, drifting with the ashes
Children they were all

Ashes, pictured me in flashes
Pictured me in form
Ashes, shifting through the axis
Shifting through the war
Shifting through them all